Lightbearer (or energy bender) is a person capable of forming their energy into various kinds of weapons. Their most popular abilities are: shield, missiles, bombs, wall and leech. Since every lightbearer is a person suffering of Energetic Imbalance Syndrome, they can reach energy level much higher than normal people could. Lightbearers risk harming themselves in exchange for great power.



Creates a barrier of pure energy, shielding the caster for a short amount of time.


Smaller or bigger, missiles are chunks of energy casted at opponents.


Small orbs of condensed energy that explode upon touching an object. They hit harder than missiles but they activate after several seconds.


A wall of energy casted in front of the lightbearer. It looks very similar to the shield, but it's mobile and offensive.


In dire situations, the lightbearer can siphon energy out of living beings or items that contain it. In this mode they are called the Lightdevourer. Note: energy can be only siphoned within melee ranged. The caster has to touch their prey.


This ability is only usable if the caster's energy level is high and they entered Lightdevourer mode shortly before gaining massive amounts of power. It allows them to detect sources of energy. They are quite dangerous at this point as this state makes them berserk lusting for power.