Hellcephiran is both race and nationality. They come from planet Hellcephira and are one of the oldest races in the universe.


Hellcephirans resemble humans but they have horns and tails. That additional body parts are used to enhance and manage their energy. They are taller than humans.


All natural colors from pale to dark brown.

Hair colors

All basic colors + shades of purple.


Hellcephirans are one of two races capable of using advanced skills. Their affinity with energy makes them also unable to die of old age (although they are not immortal, they can be killed). They can manifest their energy in form of wings (1-3 pairs depending on how big their energy pool is). Maintaining these wings drains their powers so they are unable to use them for flight, they exist purely to show off or increase their leap distance.

First Hellcephiran was a descendant of two essences - Ymreiva and Lwiviear.